SLIPSTREAM® Absinthe Pipe Guide 

Our Mission

Forget what you know about absinthe sipping pipes until now. We invented the SLIPSTREAM® Absinthe Pipe with purpose and the absinthe enthusiast at the forefront of usability.

Our modern ritual respects the purist tradition from centuries ago. We strive to make the absinthe ritual more personal and inviting, allowing a more affordable and convenient way to experience high quality absinthe available in today's rapidly growing culture of absinthe enthusiasts.

While a traditional-minded absintheur may be initially perplexed by the idea of a sipping pipe for preparing absinthe, the experience is actually very close to the normal louching process… but with a modern twist.

The original absinthe drinkers – The Professors of Absinthe - had lots of creative ways to pour and louche their absinthe; carafes, spoons, fountains, see-saw drippers, grills, and brouilleurs, ect.

The SLIPSTREAM® Absinthe Pipe is a newer concept that does well to enforce proper absinthe preparation through a unique implementation of traditional preparation methods. Whether you are an experienced absintheur or new to absinthe you will find an exquisite beauty in both its design and functionality.

Just as with a glass; a measure of absinthe is added to the pipe, then an optional sugar lump, followed by a pour of ice cold water. The absinthe slowly louching up into the water with lovely, smoky trails which eventually collect at the top of the pipe. The show is a magical experience of the Green Fairy in her true beauty dancing in a glass. Once it's done louching you blow a small puff of air into the straw and you have the perfectly mixed drink. There is a lot to like about the show the sipping pipe displays during the preparation of a favorite absinthe with the wispy trails rising from the absinthe reservoir to eventually balance out with the water above, creating a nice, fully louched drink. Additionally, there is a sort of hypnotic, pneumatic action within the pipe straw as the absinthe level rises and falls after each sip.

This is a perfected modern version of the absinthe Louche.

Add something modern to the tradition that builds off the original ways of pouring absinthe.

Now there is an easy way to enjoy absinthe in harsh environments whether you are in the mountains louching from your favorite Slipstream, on the beach, or in an absinthe lounge enjoying yourself at the local Green Hour.

Our Mission


The SLIPSTREAM® Logo is the dose line, this measures 1 ounce when filled to the top of the logo.


Adding sugar to absinthe is a personal preference and also depends on the type of absinthe you are drinking Verte (Green) or La Bleue (Blanche). Be adventurous and try them both, you will find that the La Bleue are lighter.


Pour ice cold absinthe into the pipe quickly but be careful to not over water your absinthe. Depending on how much ice you have in your pipe you need to compensate. A pipe with sugar and fully iced at the top reservoir will add about 4-5 parts water. Experiment with different types of absinthe until you find a good mix you like and share with us on our Facebook community page - The Art of Louching Absinthe.


The show you will see in the SLIPSTREAM® Absinthe Pipes are unlike any other absinthe accessory when it comes to louching absinthe. The functionality creates a vaccum that releases the absinthe's essential oils and aromas. It releases the very essence of absinthe. The presentation or dance that occurs is a symbolic ritual. The performance the Green Fairy (Absinthe louche) is a transformation that symbolizes what the drinker is about to experience.


When the Louche is done and you see a milky opalescent color you are almost ready to enjoy your absinthe. Be sure to Blow and Sip to mix the straight absinthe into the water. The curved top should help you prevent spillage. It is very important that you do not drink the absinthe NEAT as it is very strong and for many not enjoyable.


Absinthe is a very civilized drink, it is not intended to be drank in a shot or without water. What you see when people are lighting absinthe on fire or shooting it straight are people that bought into the FAKE Absinthe that is being sold as a hallucinogenic or drug of some type. Quality absinthe will certainly give you an experience of lucidity while you feel awake and fit and have the desire to communicate. Absinthe is artisanal and we appreciate the distillers who have the drive to make it so. Celebrate the revival of the Art of Louching with us!

Absinthe Pipe Blueprint