We invented the SLIPSTREAM® Absinthe Pipe to bring together a convenient modern day absinthe experience that embraces the traditional roots of the absinthe louche ritual. The sipping pipe serves as a conduit for newcomers and absintheurs to discover the Art of Louching and Water Your Absinthe Artistically!

SLIPSTREAM® Absinthe Pipes are an easy-to-use versatile, all-in-one absinthe ritual system that allow you to enjoy your favorite absinthe anytime and almost anywhere (provided you have cold water) without the need for a glass or spoon.

While a traditional-minded absintheur may be initially perplexed by the idea of a sipping pipe for preparing absinthe, the experience is actually very close to the normal louching process… but with a modern twist.

Absintheurs have a wide assortment of accessories at their disposal; fountains, brouilleurs, carafes, spoons, see-saw drippers, and so on. The sipping pipe is a newer concept that does well to enforce proper absinthe preparation through a unique implementation of traditional preparation methods.

Just as with a glass; a measure of absinthe is added to the SLIPSTREAM® absinthe pipe, then an optional sugar lump, followed by a pour of ice cold water. The effect is very similar to a bubble glass, with the absinthe slowly louching up into the water with lovely, smoky trails which eventually collect at the top of the pipe. There is a lot to like about the show this accessory displays during the preparation of a favorite absinthe with the wispy trails rising from the absinthe reservoir to eventually balance out with the water above, creating a nice, fully louched drink. Additionally, there is a sort of hypnotic, pneumatic action within the pipe straw as the absinthe level rises and falls after each sip.

The SLIPSTREAM® absinthe pipe is made of thick glass and interchangeable glass straws which together form a really elegant piece of glassware which conforms well to the hand. Most importantly - this accessory does well to prepare a nice, traditional drink of absinthe for the absintheur to enjoy in a unique and leisurely way. Sitting right alongside glasses, spoons, and other varied absinthiana in your collection; this piece does well to reinforce proper absinthe preparation in continuation of the modern absinthe revival.

Aesthetic Practical Design: The SLIPSTREAM® absinthe pipe is a newer concept that helps enforce proper absinthe preparation through a unique implementation of traditional preparation methods.

All in One Utility: Serve absinthe properly every time without the need of spoons or fountains. Louche your favorite absinthe anywhere you please.

Glass Shapes: Keeps your absinthe cold longer for a more enjoyable experience and captures the integrity of aromas, essential oils and artisnal distillation techniques of absinthe - it's bouquet and it's message

Detachable Straws: Customize your SLIPSTREAM® absinthe pipe with colored straws. The straws are also interchangeable on all designs for ease of cleaning and transport.

Dose line: Quick pour accuracy of 1 oz. absinthe to Slipstream Logo (dose line)

Curved Top Shape: After the louche effect is over you must BLOW AND SIP TO MIX or you will drink NEAT absinthe the curved top design will help prevent spills when blowing to mix the water with the absinthe.

Borosilicate Glasst: Shock/Thermal Resistant: Industrial dishwasher safe for bars and restaurants (commercial use)

Fill your favorite absinthe to the dose line - the SLIPSTREAM® Logo (dose line) measures 1 ounce.

1. Add Sugar (if desired) and Ice

2. Pour Ice Cold Water (depending on your preference and absinthe you are louching you may add more or less water or ice. Different types of absinthe require more or less water. Typically a ratio of 1:4 parts absinthe water on average. The sipping pipe is measured to accommodate this.

3. The louche process begins: the cold water is releasing the essence of the absinthe into the cold water. The cold water activates the release of aromas and essential oils in the absinthe. This is also known as the Ouzo effect.

4. *Important* When done, BLOW INTO THE STRAW to mix the water with absinthe so that you do not drink the absinthe straight (Absinthe drank “NEAT” is very strong and it is meant to be mixed with water traditionally)

5. Sip and enjoy!

Just blow and mix the absinthe into the pipe. The curved top shape should help prevent spillage on the Phoenix absinthe Pipe.

The SLIPSTREAM® absinthe pipes are versatile and aesthetic to their user. You can position the straw any way you like or feel comfortable with. Turn the straw the other way or to the side and try that.

Many SLIPSTREAM® absinthe pipe enthusiast use what we call jokingly a louche "totem" (yes, it’s from the movie Inception) or louche bead in place of sugar. I started using a 6mm crystal skull but to each is to own and if you want to see other creative ideas please visit us on the Art of Louching Facebook community page and share with us!

In our quest to create the SLIPSTREAM® absinthe pipe we determined 3 principles that must be followed.

Practical Application – An all-in-one louching device

Symbolic Ritual – Presentation of the Green Fairy or absinthe

Aesthetics – Easy to clean, transport, convenient to prepare quickly and effectively and versatile for user preference.

As a result of 10 years of scientific research thousands of hours of taste tests and dozens of rejected styles we developed the SLIPSTREAM® absinthe pipes on 3 simple rules that apply to preparing absinthe properly or what is known as louching absinthe.

As we have furthered the development of this concept, we found that the correct choice of glassware would enhance herbal flavors, the absinthes' message, its' bouquet, complexity and aromatics in a purist fashion.

The SLIPSTREAM® absinthe pipe was developed on the principle that context demands shape, proper volume, measurement and air displacement to provide practical functionality to create an aesthetic and pleasurable absinthe experience.

We want to bring together the new comer and the absintheur to teach the art of louching for generations to come with respect to the traditional absinthe louche ritual. In our quest and passion for watering our absinthe artistically we invented and forged the Slipstream Sipping Pipes to serve as a conduit to create a positive absinthe experience in the modern era.

Yes, SLIPSTREAM® absinthe pipes are made from the highest quality BPA-free materials.

Slipstream sipping pipes are made from borosilicate (temper/shock resistant) glass for durability and commercial/industrial dishwasher safe cleaning.

We want your SLIPSTREAM® absinthe pipes to be a part of your absinthe collection for years to come. The SLIPSTREAM® absinthe pipes are made from borosilicate glass (temper/shock resistant). This means you can travel or transport them easily. The straws are more delicate and we understand they may break easier. We do sell replacement straws in different colors if one breaks. You can also choose different colors if you want to customize your Slipstream Sipping pipes!

Unlike crystal or thin-walled glassware products, SLIPSTREAM® absinthe pipes are built to withstand years of use while being dishwasher safe. Remember to always clean you SLIPSTREAM® absinthe pipe after every use.

Yes. SLIPSTREAM® absinthe pipes are made from borosilicate (temper resistant) glass for durability and commercial/industrial dishwasher safe cleaning. The straw is detachable for easy cleaning and care.

We highly recommend that you wash out your pipes after every use!

Hand washing is easy. Add a drop of dishwashing liquid and run hot water through it.

Dishwasher safe! All you need to do is remove the detachable straw from the pipe, place the straw where you store silverware and run the dishwasher on any cycle. We recommend that you use hot water especially if sugar was used previously.

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