SLIPSTREAM® Absinthe Pipe Blueprint 

Our Mission

We've created the first functional SLIPSTREAM® Absinthe pipe! The SLIPSTREAM® Absinthe pipe is innovative not just because of it's unique an amazing louche but also its practicality.

We created 3 principles that we follow when designing our glassware.


The SLIPSTREAM® Absinthe pipe is very versatile. It's an all in one device that is easy to use, easy to clean, easy to transport, and captures the esssence of absinthe in a new way.


The SLIPSTREAM® Absinthe pipe is designed to capture the pure essence of Absinthe in a new way. The presentation of the louche is phenomenal and unique to other absinthe accessories.


Thanks to the clever design you can position the straw any way you like. Customzie your pipe with colored straws.


Aesthetic Practical Design

The SLIPSTREAM® Absinthe pipe is a newer concept that helps enforce proper absinthe preparation through a unique implementation of traditional preparation methods.

All in One Utility

Serve absinthe properly every time without the need of spoons or fountains. Louche your favorite absinthe anywhere you please.

Glass Shape

Keeps your absinthe cold longer for a more enjoyable experience and captures the integrity of aromas, essential oils and artisnal distillation techniques of absinthe - it's bouquet and it's message

Detachable Straws

Customize your SLIPSTREAM® Absinthe pipes with colored straws. The straws are also interchangeable on all designs for ease of cleaning and transport.

Dose line

Quick pour accuracy of 1 oz. absinthe to SLIPSTREAM® Logo (dose line)

Curved Top Shape

After the louche effect is over you must BLOW AND SIP TO MIX or you will drink NEAT absinthe the curved top design will help prevent spills when blowing to mix the water with the absinthe.

Borosilicate Glass

Shock/Thermal Resistant: Industrial dishwasher safe for bars and restaurants (commercial use)

Sipping Pipe Guide