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We want to bring together the novice and the experienced absintheur to teach the art of louching through the traditional ritual for generations to come. In our desire and passion for The Art of Louching Absinthe, the SLIPSTREAM® Absinthe Glass was born. We strive to create a positive absinthe experience in the modern era.


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SLIPSTREAM® Absinthe Glass is the first new innovation in the absinthe world in over 100 years. It is the only self-contained, self-louching absinthe device in the world. It's easy to use. You simply add absinthe to the dose line (more or less depending on taste), add a sugar cube (if desired)...

via Jack Thompson

While a traditional-minded absintheur may be initially perplexed by the idea of a Phoenix Absinthe Glass for preparing absinthe, the experience is actually very close to the normal louching process... but with a modern twist. Absintheurs have a wide assortment of accessories at their disposal...

via Joseph Labrecque
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