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  • I'll never be without one again.
    These guys have taken the classic absinthe ritual and supercharged it. All of the magic is preserved and enhanced by the beautiful glass work Slipstream produces and the system they have put together. Beautiful work for a beautiful drink.
    Charlie Hunter
    16 May 2016
  • Slipstream Literally Saved My Life
    It's been 40 days using your product and I have been able to discontinue my GERDS / reflux medication that I've been taking for 15 years. Absinthe is great for my digestive issues, however, Slipstream made it fun & affordable for home use.
    Eric Petersen
    21 March 2016
  • Beautiful way to enjoy absinthe
    I purchased a Slipstream Phoenix pipe for my husband for his birthday. It was shipped quickly & carefully. Beautiful pipe & a lovely way to enjoy absinthe. We experienced a couple of setbacks, but Slipstream made it right. Happy customer!
    02 February
  • I love my Slipstream Absinthe Pipe!
    Excellent product from a great company. A very entertaining and elegant way to enjoy my absinthe without having to bust out the heavy equipment and spoons. Great conversation starter!
    Noel DeMello
    01 February
  • Amazing!
    I have been drinking absinthe for a number of years now. I tried the slipstream glass last week. Loved it. Now I only drink absinthe from this glass. So Cool!
    Dan Frank
    01 February
  • Cheers to Slipstream Absinthe
    Great service. Super fast delivery. Amazing product. You could tell it's very well made with high quality glass and stirs a perfect glass of absinthe. What a great way to bring new life to this lovely spirit! I highly recommend it.
    29 January
  • Very helpful
    The owners of the site helped clarify every step of the decision and purchasing process, and not in a biased manner. It seemed their desire was/is to help and educate people to enjoy the entire absinthe experience.
    Rick Roberts
    18 December
  • Perfection In a Glass
    When you buy a product from Slipstream, you invest into a passion. The mix of science and art is always present. This is the most revolutionary drinking experience of our lifetime without question; It's a journey just like absinthe itself.
    10 November
  • Great company, great product
    The "Slipstream" lets me enjoy the taste of absinthe I'd first encountered while in Amsterdam. The wonderful chemistry and visual effects clearly seen with the "Slipstream" add wonderfully to the drinking experience of this unique potable.
    Richard Veal
    09 November
  • excellent idea
    This glass is a brilliant idea for streamlining the absinthe ritual. You still get to watch the louche but you don't need a fountain or spoons. The traditional fountain is beautiful and I love it, and I adore this glass as well. Portable!
    24 October
  • Excellent
    The customer service here has been fantastic. I was not expecting a response on a Sunday, but they got back to me within a few hours, not days. They also went above and beyond to help me out and added a free gift to boot. I will be ordering a couple more glasses from them in the near future.
    12 October
  • Is this the future of absinthe? Maybe.
    I recently received a Slipstream Phoenix pipe. I have been using for a couple weeks and absolutely love the design. The 3 chamber design allows you to see the action of the louche as the sugar dissolves, the cold water sinks, and the absinthe rises to create a beautiful effect. I took my pipe to...
    Leif Adamson
    08 June 2015
  • Amazing pipe
    I absolutely love my Slipstream Absinthe pipe. Takes all the guesswork out of louching... it does the work for you. Thanks again Slipstream.. You guys ROCK.
    29 May 2015
  • I Just Love It!
    I picked up one of these and I just love ! Some may have noticed I was drinking from it at Clockwork Alchemy. Others may have seen it on my show The Creature Features Show. Either way, just like my movies, it's a great way to enjoy the past.
    29 May 2015
  • Love the Pipe
    I love my Slipstream Absinthe Pipe! I use an ice ball (1.5 inches) that fits in the top bowl and covers the opening. As it slowly melts the sugar cube dissolves and the Green Fairy appears. I use just enough water so the ice doesn't float up. The hard part is being patient and not drinking...
    16 May 2015
  • Beautiful!
    Beautifully designed and made. Wonderful to watch the release of the "Green Fairy".
    Leonard Whitney
    11 May 2015
  • Fast and free shipping :)
    Great modern absinthe ritual that is practical.
    01 May 2015
  • Really cool...
    So neat to watch the green fairy come out to play......
    01 May 2015
  • Super nice absinthe glass
    Super nice piece of art and at a great deal. Fast safe shipping. we love our absinthe glass, its beautiful thank you.
    01 May 2015
  • Very Cool
    Would suggest thicker glass, I'm afraid this will probably break in a few weeks on us. But such a cool piece. Thank you so very much! My fiancé (whom it was a gift for) very much loves it. You guys are awesome! How strong are the Slipstream Absinthe Glasses Take a look at this video:...
    01 May 2015
  • Best Ever!
    I love my Slipstream Absinthe Glass and enjoy it a lot . I give you guys five stars. Thanks so much for what you have done for the world of absinthe. Cheers.
    Katarina O'Shaughnessy
    02 April 2015
  • Innovative, creative, enjoyable!
    In 2009 I was introduced to the world of absinthe, and had the pleasure of slipping fine spirit from Dimitri's prototype pipes at a tasting event, and the Phoenix pipe is the coolest & most creative product I've ever seen.The pipe is very well made, with changeable color...
    Cynthia La China
    05 February
  • mmmmmm
    The slipstream Absinthe Glass is wonderful....Beautifully constructed.....really a work of adds a pre taste show to the absinthe experience.....
    04 February
  • I like the convenience of it
    I got mine on Saturday and I can say (having run it through its paces both Saturday and Sunday) I am very happy with it! I don't own a fountain but was looking at options, so the Phoenix Phoenix Absinthe Glass came in handy. I'm busy building my relationships with the various bottles I can...
    Jason Gillett
    04 February
  • This is my new favorite toy!
    Wow! This thing is awesome! I have wanted one since I first saw a youtube video of it almost a year ago. As soon as the site was up and they were taking orders, I said "Shut up and take my money!" I got my package safe and very fast and they even threw in an extra blue straw, which was...
    Jahnke Cameron
    28 January
  • Add something modern to the tradition
    Loving the Slipstream Absinthe Glass! Very different and fun. Obviously the original absinthe drinkers had lots of creative ways to pour and louche their absinthe, fountains, grills, spoons, brouilleurs, and carafes. It's nice to add something modern to the tradition that builds off the original...
    Jessie Ostreicher
    24 December
  • Absinthe is for everyone
    "The Slipstream Absinthe Pipe is easy to fall madly in love with. Whether you are an experienced absintheur or an absinthe virgin, you, too, will find an exquisite beauty in both its design and functionality.
    Unicorn Absinthe
    21 December
  • Innovative and cool
    The Slipstream Absinthe Glass is innovative and cool, a new improved way to enjoy your absinthe. Bring it anywhere, you will surely turn heads! It’s easy to use, easy to clean, with interchangeable sipping straws and four different colors to choose from, just right to suit your mood or favorite...
    Clint Lester
    14 December
  • Reinforces Proper Absinthe Preparation
    While a traditional-minded absintheur may be initially perplexed by the idea of a Phoenix Absinthe Glass for preparing absinthe, the experience is actually very close to the normal louching process… but with a modern twist. Absintheuers have a wide assortment of accessories at their disposal;...
    Joseph Labrecque
    10 December
  • Perfected modern version of the louche
    This is a perfected modern version of the Absinthe louche. This is a magical experience of the fairy in her true beauty dancing in a glass. This is a ritual that both the connoisseur and those new to Absinthe can enjoy!!!!
    Hector El Guajiro
    05 December
  • What is old is new!
    Slipstream Absinthe Glass is the first new innovation in the absinthe world in over 100 years. It is the only self-contained, self-louching absinthe device in the world. It's easy to use. You simply add absinthe to the dose line (more or less depending on taste), add a sugar cube (if desired),...
    Jack Thompson
    02 December

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