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We strive to continue our journey with other absinthe enthusiasts and anyone that wants to learn more about the art of louching and the mysterious Green Fairy. We hope you enjoy the SLIPSTREAM® Absinthe Glasses as much as we have in the creation of it. It is our hope that the pipe will serve as a bridge to other cultures and future generations that appreciate and want to experience absinthe.


Help us resurrect the Green Fairy! If you have a passion for absinthe or want to learn more to help us and other absinthe enthusiasts set the record straight and separate the myths from facts.

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On our social media platforms you can meet and collaborate with other absinthe enthusiasts from around the globe. We want you to share how you Water Your Absinthe Artistically, collaborate ideas, pictures, videos, reviews, cocktail creations, attend absinthe events with us and most importantly share your absinthe experience. We love the Art of Louching absinthe and encourage you to share your absinthe experience with us here.

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