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We want to bring together the novice and the experienced absintheur to teach the art of louching through the traditional ritual for generations to come. In our desire and passion for The Art of Louching Absinthe, the SLIPSTREAM® Absinthe Glass was born. We strive to create a positive absinthe experience in the modern era.

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We’re Building a Better Absinthe Experience – The SLIPSTREAM® Experience

It’s all about learning, collaborating and sharing your Absinthe Experience with a global community of absinthe enthusiasts that have a passion for paving the way for the rebirth of the Green Fairy. Visit our social media sites and share your absinthe experience. Find out how you can join in on the fun!


This is a perfected modern version of the Absinthe louche. This is a magical experience of the fairy in her true beauty dancing in a glass. This is a ritual that both the connoisseur and those new to Absinthe can enjoy!!!!

Hector El Guajiro

Slipstream Absinthe Glasses are the first new innovation in the absinthe world in over 100 years. It is the only self-contained, self-louching absinthe device in the world. I use mine on a regular basis. This is one cool item!

Jack Thompson aka Absinthe Jack

Inspired by the Professors of Absinthe

Absinthe Professors

The professors of absinthe were already at their station, yes, the teachers of absinthe, for it is a science, or rather an art to drink absinthe properly, and certainly to drink it in quantity. They put themselves on the trail of the novice drinkers, teaching them to raise their elbow high and frequently, to water their absinthe artistically…

AuthorHenri Balesta wrote Absinthe et Absintheurs 1860

Our quest to create a practical, yet aesthetically pleasing absinthe experience has been a magical journey. We have traveled the world to seek opinion and technique as to how we could help revive the Art of Louching absinthe in the modern era.

Absinthe Professors

During our quest to unravel the mysteries of absinthe, we met with people in the absinthe community that have a true passion and deep understanding of history’s most notorious drink. On our journey, we have met some of the finest individuals and artists that have shared their knowledge and creations with us. Their continued inspiration and timeless passion has been contagious as we continue our quest for our love of absinthe. We have been fortunate to be able to share the SLIPSTREAM® Absinthe Glasses with some of the most renowned and well respected absintheurs in the world. We love the art of louching and we want to thank everyone that has supported us with kindness and generosity in our expedition for knowledge about absinthe. Without the absinthe community, we would have not been able to make a dream into reality. We strive to continue our journey with other absinthe enthusiasts and anyone that wants to learn more about the mysteries of the Green Fairy. We hope you appreciate the SLIPSTREAM® Absinthe Glasses as our humble contribution to the world of absinthe. Additionally, we do not condone the Bohemian Fire Ritual because we believe you should always Water Your Absinthe Artistically! Every time we indulge in a glass of absinthe, we toast to the modern day Professors of Absinthe!!

Our Mission