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Obviously the original absinthe drinkers had various and creative ways to pour and louche their absinthe; fountains, grilles, spoons, brouilleurs, carafes ect...

Slipstream Sipping Pipes are a modern approach to the tradition that builds off the original ways of pouring absinthe.

They are a practical way to prepare a nice, traditional drink of absinthe for the absintheur to enjoy in a unique and leisurely way. This all-in-one louching device allows for a quick and proper serving and is an essential addition to your existing collection of abisnthania. You will not be disappointed!



We invented the Slipstream Absinthe Sipping Pipes to create a movement and revive the Art of Louching absinthe in the modern era…continuing in the tradition of the Professors of Absinthe.

“The professors of absinthe were already at their station, yes, the teachers of absinthe, for it is a science, or rather an art to drink absinthe properly, and certainly to drink it in quantity. They put themselves on the trail of the novice drinkers, teaching them to raise their elbow high and frequently, to water their absinthe artistically…”

Author, Henri Balesta wrote Absinthe et Absintheurs 1860



The experience of the absinthe ritual has transcended throughout history. People all over the world are becoming more aware that absinthe is not a drug and will not make you hallucinate! In fact, absinthe has many positive attributes that are considered medicinal and good for your health while consuming moderately.

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  • " While a traditional-minded absintheur may be initially perplexed by the idea of a sipping pipe for preparing absinthe, the experience is actually very close to the normal louching process… but with a modern twist. Absintheuers have a wide assortment of accessories at their disposal ... "

    Joseph Labrecque, Reinforces Proper Absinthe Preparation
  • " Slipstream Absinthes' sipping pipe is the first new innovation in the absinthe world in over 100 years. It is the only self-contained, self-louching absinthe device in the world. It's easy to use. You simply add absinthe to the dose line (more or less depending on taste), add a sugar cube ... "

    Jack Thompson, What is old is new!
  • " This is a perfected modern version of the Absinthe louche. This is a magical experience of the fairy in her true beauty dancing in a glass. This is a ritual that both the connoisseur and those new to Absinthe can enjoy ... "

    Hector El Guajiro, Perfected modern version of the louche

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